Steve Prefontaine

International Track Star - Running Legend

Cover Art

Pre PaintingThe Prefontaine Committee commissioned nationally recognized artist Chris Hopkins to do the original painting of Steve Prefontaine pictured on our cover. The painting is now displayed at the Coos Art Museum, which is also home to the Prefontaine Gallery. Limited edition full-color prints are available from the Prefontaine Memorial Committee at our online store.
 $200.00  Signed by Chris Hopkins and Steve's parents, Ray and Elfriede Prefontaine
 $100.00  Signed by Chris Hopkins
 $50.00  Unsigned

Get set for a weekend of fun at the 43rd annual Bay Area Fun Festival. A full two-day roster of events and entertainment includes:

  • Cruz the Coos Rolling Car Show on Saturday
  • Mall Market with Arts, Crafts, Games, and Food
  • Festival Parade plus Live Entertainment
  • Coos Sand `n Sea Quilt Show at the Boys And Girls Club
  • Pre for Kids 3 Mile Run on Sunday at 1:30 P.M.

For other events and more information call 1-800-824-8486 or 269-0215.

Fun Festival Website: